Carl's career has taken him to Europe, the Red Sea (Egypt), the Maldives, Sulawesi, Borneo, Papua New Guinea, the Great Barrier Reef and Western Australia from Perth to the Abrolhos, Ningaloo Reef and the Kimberley including the Rowley Shoals and Scott Reefs.  He has been involved in scuba diving operations, super yachts, industrial vessels, ferries and charter boats as a Skipper, 1st Mate or Engineer.

Carl also provided training to crews onboard the new Customs Patrol Vessels, 58 metre Cape Class Vessels built by Austal Ships in Henderson, WA (see Customs training video).

Carl’s experience includes all of the vessels pictured on this website and references are available if you would like to confirm this.


There's several schools claiming to be the most experienced but they rarely display their qualifications on their website.  The truth is you only require around 60 days recreational sea experience and a basic Coxswain qualification to qualify as an RST Assessor.  To maintain these low level qualifications you don't have to submit proof of seatime to keep them current and most are restricted to coastal journeys!!

Carl is a Master 35 (previously known as Master 4) and is qualified to operate commercial trading vessels up to 80m in length. Qualified to keep Navigational and Engine room watches offshore on ships outside the Australian EEZ (Economic exclusion zone) and has to provide proof of this seatime to keep his licences current.

So do your research, don't be afraid to ask about the qualifications of your chosen trainer. We will always have these qualifications on hand if you would like to see them.

Carl’s other qualifications

  • AMSA International Navigation watch rating
  • AMSA International Engineering watch rating
  • AMSA Marine Engine Driver Grade 1 and 2 (MED)
  • Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency
  • AMSA Certificate of Safety Training STCW95 
  • First Aid Instructor
  • Master Scuba Instructor
  • Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment
  • Police and Working with Children Clearances


"I really enjoy the training side, but I've seen other boat schools in Perth running these RST courses for novices in 90 minutes and I'm concerned that these people aren't going away with enough skills and knowledge to stay out of trouble on the water. I see too many people not understanding the rules, getting into trouble at boat ramps or having to be rescued by the Rescue services. We prefer to take more time in our courses at our own expense to make sure my customers have as much as possible. That's why we take a bit longer, offer free boat lessons and free refresher courses. Apart from being great value it's part of our commitment to their safety." 

Customs Training Video