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If you hold a current commercial licence or recreational boat licence with another state or country then you may be exempt from the course.

Click on the RST equivalents link to see if your current qualification is recognised by the Department of Transport.

If your qualification is on that list then please call 0400 130 155 to schedule an appointment with the RST Trainer.  After completing the necessary paperwork, providing proof of ID and a copy of your qualification, you will be issued with an interim RST certificate.  Your application will be forwarded to the Department of Transport to be assessed.  If successful the RST card will be mailed to you.  

If the qualification is not on the list you can still apply to have your skills recognised.  If the claim is substantiated then the RST may be granted.

If your qualification is on that list then you are permitted to operate on that qualification for 3 months from the date you entered the state of WA.  When the 3 month period has expired you can apply for a Recreational Skippers Ticket through us here at Skippers Ticket Training WA.

Skills Recognition Transfer Fee:  $115 (inclusive of DoT charge)