As a commitment to the safety of our customers we offer the following for FREE if you did your skippers ticket with us.  This makes Skippers Ticket Training WA some of the best value training available!!!

Cost to previous customers - $FREE for our time (see below) 

  • Boat Lesson normal cost - $80 per hour
  • Refresher Course normal cost - $99 theory component / $99 practical component

If you did your RST with us then you qualify for a free Boat Lesson in your own boat.  If you have a boat when doing the course, or you purchase one later down the track then bring it down to the boat ramp and we will run through everything with you to make sure you're safe and don't cause any damage.  This will include checking over the boat and trailer, the safety equipment, helping launch and retrieve and taking it for a quick spin, adjusting trim, anchoring and berthing back on the jetty.  All this for free!

RST Refresher Courses are not compulsory, as your RST is valid for life.  The safety of our customers is important so if you did your RST in the past and haven’t been on a boat for a while and feeling a little rusty why not do a refresher course?  This will involve jumping on one of our regular RST courses.  You can choose to sit in on either the theory, practical or both, it's up to you.  

Terms & conditions:  These are free to our previous customers, subject to availability and a limit of one per person per year for refreshers.  The normal cost applies if you did your RST elsewhere.  Your current RST must be shown as proof before undertaking these free offers.


A qualification is mandatory for users of VHF radio.  The course is very simple, you self study online, meet with us to do the theory exam, after this we will take you through some practical use of the radio which takes around 60 minutes, if you pass, your qualification will be issued by the ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority).

VHF radio course - $295 (incl ACMA fee)

LROCP radio course - $295 (incl ACMA fee)

Please contact us for availability.