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The good news is you can’t break it!

This is why we prefer you to use our boat for the course.  If you make mistakes while learning then you don't have to worry about damaging your own boat.

The 4.8m Polycraft is a brilliant boat, and we highly recommend them.  Made of Polyethylene which is very strong and absorbs impacts very well.  It’s almost indestructible!  It also has flotation built in so it won't sink under maximum load if it fills with water - very safe! 

Being a centre console design it provides plenty of space to move around and excellent all-round vision when manoeuvring in tight spaces.  This also helps when keeping a lookout for boat traffic.  It has high sides to keep you dry and rides very softly. 

It has a retractable sun shade for those warmer days and somewhere to hide if it rains.  It's licensed to carry 5 (one trainer and 4 trainees) and provides seating for 4.

The Polycraft hull is very stable and not affected by the wind as much as an inflatable or aluminium vessel.  This makes it much easier to learn on and is perfect for training. 

Checkout the website to see how good these are at:  www.polycraft.com.au

The vessel is like new.  It's also insured for public liability/indemnity and conforms to all Department of Transport requirements including the latest AMSA requirements.  It carries the full complement of safety gear including anchor, bailer, flares, EPIRB, radio, lifejackets, fire extinguisher, torch, compass, first aid, water and sunscreen.